The Facility

The Panteao Sportsman’s Club Located at the Panteao Studios Facility at 2040 Pine Plain Road in Swansea, SC 29160

The range facility:

A bulletin board by the entrance to the facility has an up to date schedule of events, classes, and a list of days when the range is closed. 

Club members and day pass guests use an RFID card to gain access to the facility.

The office at the facility is staffed Monday through Saturday and on Sundays whenever possible. 

The 800-yard rifle bay: 

Plenty of steel targets from 200 to 800 yards. Target backers are from 100 to 800 yards. 

You can shoot from the covered shelter or out in the open.

The 360-Degree Bay:

The 360-Bay offers the ability to shoot pistols, rifles and shotguns. Classes are also hosted in this bay.

Five 25-yard handgun bays:

We offer five different 25-yard handgun bays. Handgun Bay 1 is set up with target backers so that you can hang paper targets. You can also shoot steel targets on Bay 1. Bay 2 is a Rimfire only bay with steel targets. Bays 3, 4 and 5 have steel targets and target backers for paper targets.

Handgun Bay 1

Handgun Bay 2

Handgun Bay 3

Handgun Bay 4

Handgun Bay 5


Classes at the range:

Panteao hosts classes at the range facility that are taught by the top firearms instructors in the world.

Dave Spaulding

Robert Keller

Pat McNamara

Robert Vogel

Panteao Productions filming at the range:

Panteao Productions films the Panteao Make Ready instructional videos as well as documentaries and industrial videos for industry manufacturers at the Panteao facility.

 Dave Spaulding, Richard Nance, and Wes Doss