Question: Wasn’t the range previously called the Sandlapper Range or Sandlapper Gun Club or something like that?

Answer: Yes. Panteao Studios began leasing the range property in 2015 when it was known as the Sandlapper Rifle Range and Gun Club. We renamed the facility the Sandlapper Range in 2015 out of courtesy to the original owner. When we completed the purchase of the property in December of 2018, we renamed the facility to a name more keeping with our sister companies.

Question: Does the Sandlapper Gun Club still use the range?

Answer: No, the Sandlapper Gun Club closed in March of 2021. 

Question: Does your yearly membership end at the end of each year or does it run for a year from the day I join?

Answer: Membership starts the day you join and runs for a year. You can sign up either here on our website or at our office at the range.

Question: Do I have to be a member of your club to use the range?

Answer: No, we offer day passes so that you can come out and enjoy the facility for the day. You can also purchase 5 and 10 day passes at a savings. Thus allowing you more time at the range and the option to bring friends.

Question: If I am a member of your club, how much does it cost to bring a guest?

Answer: Club members can bring one guest at no charge. After the first guest, we charge $25 per guest.

Question: Do I have to bring my own targets to use the range?

Answer: Panteao has a substantial amount of steel targets at the range facility as well as target backers where you can affix a paper or carboard target. You can bring your own paper targets or stop by our pro-shop at the range and you can purchase targets. We also have ammunition available for purchase along with a wide selection of the Panteao Productions DVDs.

Question: Do I have to pay cash to join?

Answer: While you can pay cash, you can also use your credit card or pay by check. In addition, we accept PayPal here on the website and we offer a four payment installment plan on yearly memberships.