Updates at the range

We have been working on replacing the old corrugated plastic target backers on the rifle bay with new backers. We have also placed new steel targets from 200 to 600 yards on the rifle bay. On Handgun Bay 1 we have added four steel targets. Handgun Bay 2 remains as a rimfire only bay. Handgun bays 3 through 5 also have additional steel targets. Please paint the steel targets when you are done using them. We have spray paint on the various bays and if you can’t find any, stop by the office at the range. We have plenty of paint cans there.

In the 360-Bay we still have folks that are shooting the steel targets with rifle ammo. Remember that the steel targets in the 360-Bay are ONLY for handgun calibers. Please DO NOT shoot rifle calibers on those steel targets. While the targets are AR500 steel, the distance is too close and you will dimple the steel if you shoot them with rifle calibers. There are plenty of signs warning against this that are posted on the bay but it still happens. And yes, people have also shot at the steel frames with rifle ammo even after we had AR500 welded to the front of the vertical steel frames. Please DO NOT shoot the frames. If anyone is caught doing so you will be asked to leave the facility.

Lastly, we keep small buckets on each bay for spent cases. When you are done shooting, please collect any brass and dump it into the buckets. If you have trash, use the garbage cans for the trash and not those small buckets.